Robotic Welding of Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC engineering crew (five designers/engineers) probe about your stainless steel fabrication needs. Our engineers need to understand the fit, form and function of your challenge. We ask questions. Many solutions require robotic welding of stainless steel wire baskets. This is our specialty.

Robotic Welding Stainless Steel Fabrication Engineering and Stainless Steel Wire Baskets and Wire Forms DesignOnce we get our arms around the constraints, we submit prints with your parts inside our drawings. The drawings show a front view, side view, top view and isometric view. In addition, we show you the same prints with the stainless steel wire baskets loaded with your parts. We will demonstrate how your parts will fit inside and how they will not scratch if you have a delicate product. We will show how the lid opens or the dividers separate your parts. We will create your prints with our robotic welding team in mind so that your stainless steel wire basket can be made smoothly in our stainless steel fabrication process.

This clever print initiates a collaborative process. Your engineering team of reviews our print and confirms that we have achieved your fit, form and function goals. Occasionally, engineers will remember an additional previously undisclosed constraint (opening of an oven cavity, or size of dip tank), so the Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC team quickly provides revised prints showing that oven cavity in the print. This level of detail gives comfort to the specifying engineer team.

Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC has a tight revision control policy insuring stainless steel wire baskets that are released to the factory floor match the purchase order and the approved print for the stainless steel fabrication. We are sticklers on the details.

Our Robotic Welding systems require us to be meticulous. They will have an error if the stainless steel wire fabrication does not stay within +/-0.003” tolerance on an x, y or z axis. Stainless steel wire baskets are a choreographed process of much robotic automation and top of the line stainless steel fabrication.

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