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Marlin Steel Wire Baskets considers speed one of the defining qualities that separate it from competitors in the production of stainless steel wire baskets, industrial baskets and custom wire baskets, particularly those overseas.

When the maker of devices for surgical procedures had an immediate need for stainless steel wire baskets to use in an ultrasonic cleaning process, for example, it contacted Marlin Steel Wire Products on a Tuesday to see if the industrial baskets could be produced and delivered by the following Monday.

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What made the request even more challenging was its complexity. The custom wire baskets needed to be stackable and also of precise dimensions to fit inside the cleansing system. Each of the stainless steel wire baskets needed to be able to accommodate up to 20 pounds of trays stacked on top of it, and to withstand a bath of acid, soap and water at high temperatures. The customer ranked speed of delivery above all else. Not your typical industrial baskets, these were for a clean room that made start of the art medicines. Marlin received the first e-mail on that Tuesday at 3:37 p.m. By the next morning, it had a price quote and purchase order ready. Two days later, 20 custom wire baskets were ready to ship.

In another instance, an ice cream maker was in a little bit of a pickle. It needed a rush on some freezer custom wire baskets to store its wide variety of wrapped ice cream products. And it needed them fast because the prime summer ice cream-eating season was approaching. Typically, a stainless steel wire basket is used in this environment. It contacted Marlin to quickly produce custom steel wire baskets that could hold up to five pounds of its products. Marlin was able to design and churn out 250 of the plastic-coated baskets very fast. The manufacturer contacted Marlin in part because it knew it could meet the demand quickly.

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