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Founded in 1968, Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC (“Marlin”) is a USA-based (and owned) maker of stainless steel wire baskets, industrial baskets, mesh baskets, steel wire products and other wire form products. Shipping to more than 23 countries, Marlin is focused on fabricating high-quality and highly engineered parts fast, and its approach is succeeding. Quadrupling in sales in less than 10 years, the company is growing in spite of the recession.

Marlin Steel Wire Employees

Manufacturing engineers are tasked with improving throughput. They need to operate in a lean environment with less direct labor, less waste, less lead time and faster delivery. Wire baskets, wire forms and steel wire products that are optimized to improve throughput will improve delivery dates, quality and require less employees doing menial tasks.

Marlin Steel Wire's engineering team will look at your fit, form and function. They will study your parts and your systems (dipping lines, cleaning tanks, conveyors, hoists, etc) and develop an engineered solution that will improve the quality and speed of your factory.

Our clients have parts that need to have processes done to them and we make baskets that are:

  • ultrasonic cleaning baskets
  • dipping baskets
  • cleaning baskets
  • Durr parts cleaning baskets
  • Crest parts cleaning baskets
  • Ransohoff parts cleaning baskets
  • Branson parts cleaning baskets
  • Lancer parts cleaning baskets
  • washing baskets
  • curing baskets
  • conveyor baskets
  • material handling baskets
  • degreasing baskets
  • pin baskets
  • storage baskets
  • transport baskets
  • industrial wire baskets
  • steel wire product baskets

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