Marlin Steel Wire Custom Engineered Steel Wire Baskets & Wire Forms

Fabricate Stainless Steel Wire Baskets that are engineered to solve problems and shipped fast. Mechanical Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers are challenged daily to help improve their company.

Marlin Custom Steel Wire Baskets, Industrial Baskets, Wire Mesh BasketsEvery day, dozens of manufacturing engineers reach out to Marlin because they have to improve throughput, improve quality, reduce scrap, have less rework in their internal processes. These industrial engineers reach out to Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC to get solutions fast. Marlin Wire provides steel wire baskets, wire forms, industrial baskets and wire mesh baskets to make factories more efficient.

Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC fabricates stainless steel wire baskets and wire racks in the USA and ships to over 24 countries. Running three shifts a day 5 days a week, Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC meets your deadlines. We create ideas that save you money so the cost of the baskets are paid back in a couple of months so it is easy to justify.

Award winning, Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC is the industry leader in speed, engineering and quality.

Typical Applications that Marlin Steel Wire tackles:

Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

Engineered baskets designed to improve your throughput. These baskets may have applications like:

  • Stacking Stainless Steel Wire Baskets
  • Stainless Steel Wire Baskets with dividers
  • Stainless Steel Wire Baskets with lids
  • Stainless Steel Wire Baskets with handles
  • Stainless Steel Wire Baskets with hoist handles
  • Staiinless Steel Wire Conveyor Baskets.

Please email us your fit, form and function and our engineering team will generate ideas that will improve your throughput and quality.

Wire Forms

Complex wire forming and simple s hooks can be produced fast with our robotic wire forming equipment. Working three shifts a day for quick turnaround, Marlin Wire’s forms team has the fastest highest quality robot in the industry. Taking a picture of each part and comparing it to the print, Marlin Wire’s robots can confirm quality robotically in 1/200th of a second and segregate out bad parts. Marlin Wire’s robot can generate as many as 4500 wire forms an hour because it is feeding in 492 feet of material a minute and its bending pin is spinning 3600 degrees in less than a second. That speed and precision coupled with our top-notch fulfillment team makes our wire forms a world-wide must have steel wire product. Last month, we shipped wire forms to an electronics factory in Singapore. We ship ice to Eskimos at Marlin Wire.

Stainless Steel Industrial Baskets

These baskets are used in factories that make aerospace, medical, bio tech, pharmaceutical, automotive and other industrial applications. These baskets are optimized for your application with a lid or hinges or dividers to hold your parts. In many cases the baskets we make are washed in a cleaning system. We probe the client for a detailed understanding of the fit form and function. In many cases our baskets are used in a state of the art cleaning system:

  • Durr parts cleaning baskets
  • Crest parts cleaning baskets
  • Ransohoff parts cleaning baskets
  • Branson parts cleaning baskets
  • Lancer parts cleaning baskets.

Wire Mesh Baskets

These baskets are used to hold smaller parts that are dipped in a solution or acid to clean the parts . Ultrasonic Cleaning baskets is a common application for wire mesh baskets. Marlin Wire stocks stainless steel wire mesh baskets as well as plastic coated wire baskets for industrial basket clients.

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