How We Create Stainless Steel Wire Baskets, Custom Wire Baskets

After the print is approved and the purchase order is accepted, the sales order is released to the engineering team and the production crew along with the client who need stainless steel wire baskets, custom wire baskets or plastic coated wire baskets. Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC Engineering Fixture Team jumps into action. Carefully reading the critical tolerances and appreciating the fit, form and function the tooling team generates precise fixtures (like molds) that holds each part as tight as +/-0.002”. The print is converted into a file that is read by our CNC Router. The CNC Router creates the fixture. The revision level, part # and date are all cut out of the check fixture so revision control is confirmed at this level of the process as well.

How Marlin Steel Wire creates Stainless Steel Wire Baskets, Custom Wire Baskets, Plastic Coated Wire Baskets and Antimicrobial Mesh Wire ProductsSimultaneously, the print is published on Marlin Steel Wire Product’s internal network to the various foremen on the production floor. Carefully choreographed scheduling makes sure all the parts from the various stations are made simultaneously so there is minimal work in process (less than $2,000.00 at any one time).

Foreman in the bending department start downloading prints of the various parts into the bending robots. Marlin Wire has invested over $2million in new robotic technology to ship fast and high quality.

Using shadow boards adjacent to each robot, the quick change teams (groups of three to six colleagues) dash into quick-change mode. Our sets ups for complex machinery take 8 minutes (used to be 90 to 120 minutes) each for the three to fourteen changeovers for typical stainless steel wire baskets, custom wire baskets or plastic coated wire baskets mission.

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