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In 1998, Drew Greenblatt took money he made from selling a small home security alarm business and bought a 30-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y. company that made wire baskets and racks for retailers and the food service business. Initially, the employees were minimum wage employees with no health insurance, retirement plan. No one owned a car or a home. He moved the business to Baltimore, Maryland. Despite knowing Drew for eight months, seven families moved their lives to stay with the new owner.

Drew Greenblatt of Marlin Steel Wire Products, a Wire Products ManufacturerOverseas competitors with cheap labor began devouring the market for such baskets. Greenblatt realized he had to reinvent the company. He decided to start producing precision baskets and steel wire products for industrial applications. Because Marlin Wire's baskets were all hand-bended and hand-welded, the company wasn’t capable of producing to the necessary tolerances.

Never taking a dividend, Greenblatt invested $2 million in robotic welding and bending machines run by AutoCAD software. He reorganized the business model for Marlin Steel Wire to focus on engineering custom-made, high-quality, short turnaround steel wire products for other manufacturers. In 2002, such jobs made up less than 1% of sales for Marlin Steel Wire Products. By 2007, they made up more than 95% of Marlin Wire's business.

The investment and embracing and training the talent has been the catalyst for a quadrupling in sales in 11 years with four straight years of record sales growth including 2009.

Wire Products Manufacturers compete with China and other low quality suppliers around the world. Marlin Wire's speed, engineering and quality make the USA supplier total value the best in the world for steel wire products.

Marlin Wire is now the industry leader in engineered wire products solutions for a fast delivery. Shipping custom products same day happens several times a month at Marlin Wire. Marlin Wire has shipped to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan (28 countries around the world in total) in the last year.

The employees have done well also. Each employee is offered Blue Cross/ Blue Shield health insurance and is matched 9% of their salary if they contribute 15%. According to T. Rowe Price, Marlin Steel Wire Products is the top 1% of most generous winner of the Baltimore Regional Employer of the Year Award. Half of Marlin Wire's employees own homes and the parking lot is full at Marlin Wire - each car is double or triple parked.

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