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Custom Baskets and Custom Racks are specialties of Marlin Steel Wire Products. It designs and engineers custom wire baskets and other products in stainless, galvanized, and plain steel. Marlin Wire produces thousands of custom steel baskets and racks each day. Typically our clients need solutions that optimize their throughput and we develop material handling baskets that will improve quality and reduce scrap.

Marlin Custom Wire Baskets, Material Handling Baskets, Wire Mesh Baskets, Dipping Basket Industrial StrainerTypically, customers submit a part (in PDF format, by fax, or sometimes as an actual sample) and ask Marlin to design a basket to hold parts for uses ranging from ultrasonic cleaning, drying, parts washing, to heat treating. Our Material handling baskets have been constructed first by a team of five designers/engineers who generate over ten new basket concepts a day. Issues that impact design include whether the baskets can stack, need a lid or would be exposed to high temperatures. Some times the baskets have to hold small parts so we will suggest a wire mesh basket that will have dividers or a lid with a hinge.

After receiving the specifications, Marlin submits a quote. Upon receipt of a purchase order, Marlin generates precise AutoCAD prints that detail the front view of the basket, the side view, top view and an isometric view. It can depict the basket stacked on top of other baskets, loaded with parts or empty to confirm that the design meets the customer’s requirements. The client reviews the material handling basket print we submit via email and a collaborative effort commences and new constraints are identified and addressed before any wire is bent or welded. Custom wire baskets typically have one or two revision levels as various team members sign off on the concept.

Craftsman with the help of robots produce the custom wire baskets, material handling baskets, wire mesh baskets, dipping baskets, industrial strainers and other items with speed and precision. Over $2 million of robotic investments (two in the last year) has made a massive positive impact on the speed and quality that Marlin Wire fabricates.

The material handling baskets can also be finished. Typical finishes include electropolish (for stainless), nickel plating, chrome plating, epoxy coating, powder coating, plastisol PVC coating, nylon coating and galvanizing.

Custom Wire Baskets is 70% of annual shipments at Marlin Wire. Our engineering, speed and quality is the best in the industry because of our laser beam focus on improving throughput and quality for our manufacturing engineer clients.

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