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Marlin Steel Wire Products designs and engineers custom wire forms, industrial s hooks, wire forms in stainless steel, pre-plated galvanized steel or plain steel. It makes tens of thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of custom steel wire forms and hooks, such as industrial S hooks and C hooks each week.

Custom Wire Forms, Industrial S Hooks, Industrial Wire ShelvingCustomers submit a description of a needed part (in a PDF, by fax or as an actual sample). Requirements such as the weight load, finish, critical dimensions and quantity are used to prepare prints and price quotes. Marlin submits a quote and upon receipt of a purchase order generates precise auto cad prints that detail the front view of the wire form, the side and top view (if three dimensions) and an isometric view. Marlin Wire will show the custom wire forms holding a part or how it mates to another part in the print. The wire forms in the print can also demonstrate how it connects to another component like a overhead conveyor, wire basket or a wire rack.

Upon print approval, Marlin Wire’s engineering team downloads the parts into the wire forming robots. The bending department fabricates parts off of robots optimally suited for repeatable precise parts. The machines are quickly changed over (less than eight minutes – used to be 90 minutes) using established Toyota Way methods.

Quality rules at Marlin Wire. This commitment to quality can be seen in the investment in the newest wire form robot at Marlin Wire that is integrated into a second robot that checks in a photo booth (1/200th of a second) to confirm each custom wire form part conforms to the detailed tolerances of the print. Good parts are boxed or welded to the next component. Bad parts are segregated. Marlin Wire can email an excel spreadsheet of every parts critical dimensions to the client with the packing slip and the invoice. This level of quality exceeds PPAP standards because it is 100% inspected by a robot (no tape measurers).

Robots weld the parts for consistently. Once the parts are welded, they are packed, shrink wrapped or shipped raw. Available finishes include electropolish (for stainless), nickel plating, chrome plating, epoxy coating, powder coating, plastisol PVC coating, nylon coating and galvanizing.

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