Stock Material Handling Baskets

72 different baskets in stock that can ship today.

Stock Items: Material Handling Baskets, Wire Mesh Baskets, Dipping Baskets, Industrial StrainerStock Baskets (72 styles) for same day shipment:

  • Material Handling Baskets
  • Wire Mesh Baskets
  • Industrial Strainer Baskets
  • Dipping Baskets
  • Parts Washing Baskets
  • Washing Baskets
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets
  • Conveyor Baskets
  • Pegboard Baskets
  • Slanted baskets
  • Baskets with lids
  • Baskets with Hinges
  • Inventory Display Baskets.

These baskets are stainless steel or chrome-plated or nickel-plated. Material Handling baskets are typically used in industrial applications like Aerospace, Bio Tech, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Automotive, Defense and other industrial basket applications. Wire Mesh baskets are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning baskets and for holding small parts in a washing line. Industrial strainer baskets typically segregate out dirt and defective parts from good parts in a washing basket system or cleaning basket system. Dipping Baskets are popular in industrial applications where dipping the basket into an acid bath or a chemical solution to improve the cleanliness of the part.

Some of the baskets are woven mesh baskets and some of the baskets have a welded mesh style. Some of the baskets have lids to hold parts in a production line.

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