Industrial Welding Robot Automation of Steel Wire Products

Robotics has played a significant role in Marlin’s growth – over $2million invested in Robot automation. As the company shifted from commodity food clients to clients in industries such as aviation, defense and biotechnology, the tolerances and dimensions of its baskets had to become ever more exacting to protect parts and to meld with precise manufacturing processes.

Z Axis Welding— Two Robots— Eight Baskets

A leader in the use of welding robots and robot automation in the steel wire industry, Marlin Steel Wire Products in 2009 made the largest investment in its history for a robot that can bend wire in three dimensions at the rate of nearly 500 feet per minute, more than twice as fast as conventional machines. This speed allows Marlin Steel Wire to meet a demanding delivery date that no other company can match.

Marlin Steel Wire purchased an Illinois manufactured robot that produced 100,000 parts in its first three weeks of operation. Its impressive launch enabled Marlin to land a subsequent order for an additional 300,000 parts that had to be produced and shipped in two weeks. Robot automation allows Marlin Steel Wire to meet tight deadlines.

Along with being able to turn steel at a phenomenal pace, the robot records a photo of every part it makes. In 1/200th of a second, it compares the part to the original print to confirm the quality of the product. It also creates a spreadsheet of all the dimensions for every part produced, so the review is real time and exact, not a statistical sampling.

Marlin Steel Wire also deploys almost a half dozen industrial welding robots that send 125000 watts of electricity (your light bulb at home is 60 watts) through every intersection insuring great quality. Welding Robot is programmed to weld precise amounts of heat and squeeze time to insure a consistent high quality weld. A mig Welding Robot at Marlin Wire welded 250,000 welds in less than three weeks for a rush job for the United States Postal Service.

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