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Steel Wire Baskets and Wireform Precision Manufacturing to your Wire Specifications

Wireforms meet the welding fixtures created by the Engineering Tool Fixture making team. Precision manufacturing starts here. Wire specifications are called out on the print approved by the client. The welding process is performed inside robotic welding cells with welders that have 125,000 watts (your light switch at home is 60 watts) of fire at every weld intersection to guarantee a robust weld.

Multiple GO/NO GO Check fixtures are provided by the Engineering Fixture Team to confirm that parts meet tolerance between each step. The goal is that we can confirm the precision manufacturing of the robotic automation.

How We Make Check Fixtures

A wireform or wire assembly that conforms to print will fit into the check fixtures. Marlin Steel Wire LLC adheres to the lean principles of the Toyota Way and has one-piece flow. Each part is made one at a time so that there are never mounds of work in process and we can confirm precision manufacturing. We do not have challenges of “ouch this big pile of product is out of tolerance, how will we rework it into tolerance?” since each part is made from beginning to end in one smooth flow.

Better than PPAP:

Marlin Steel Wire LLC’s bending robots bring each part into a Fanuc “photo booth” that takes a pair of pictures of each part. In less than 1/200th of a second each part is compared to print by the vision robot. If the part is within tolerance, the part moves to the next step in the production process. If the robot does not confirm to print, the part is rejected and the part is segregated in a clearly marked scrap container. Marlin Steel Wire LLC can than email each jpeg of each part or create an excel spreadsheet detailing the dimensions of each part. We can provide the excel spreadsheet of each parts dimensions with the packing slip and invoice via email on the day we ship.

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